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Batman Gets Pulled Over by The Cops

So maybe the caped crusader had some lives to save or maybe his foot got a little too heavy on…


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batmon – jokur

This Is A Batman Thread

Toon Sandwich’s Super-Hero-Bowl

Who will be the last one standing in this epic battle between over 100 characters, brought to life by ArtSpear…

Did Trump Quote Bane from Batman?

Yesterday the new President of the United States of America gave his inauguration speech and JorgeandHisVideos came across something absurd...…

How To Make A Real Batman Grappling Hook Gun

This is something, my 8 year-old self would have given his left arm for! Okay, my 30 year-old me also…

How Batman VS Superman Should Have Ended

Apparently, viewers aren't yet tired of all the superhero movies. As long as Hollywood continues to cram more and more…

Little Kid Blames Batman For Drawing On Wall

It's difficult to find a kid who never drew on the walls of the house at least once. It's basically a…

Batman Driving A Lamborghini Uber Prank

In big cities across the country and the world, Uber has become the number one choice for taxi services. Who…


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Ben Affleck Is Sad Over Negative Batman Reviews

Sick of superhero movies yet? The new superhero film, Batman VS Superman, was supposed to be an easy box office…


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