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Dude Perfect Have A Virtual Reality Battle

It is like the guys from Dude Perfect have an ongoing video battle. This one is one of the favorites


Epic Grad School Dance Battle – Boys Vs Girls

ScottDW again proofs himself to be an awesome filmmaker who can make the lamest things look pretty cool. But to


3 Animatronic Yodas Battle Each Other

DIY Prophacks put three Yodas to the test, who will fight the best and gained over 600,000 views with it.


Jimmy Fallon Has A Dance Battle With Jennifer Lopez

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon hits the dancefloor with singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Over three million views on


Barack Obama Vs Richard Branson In A Kitesurfing Battle

When someone else has taken over your job and problems, you should do the best in the situation: have fun.


Toon Sandwich’s Super-Hero-Bowl

Who will be the last one standing in this epic battle between over 100 characters, brought to life by ArtSpear


Dude Perfect’s Epic Trick Shot Battle 3

I've been ill for a couple days now, so I am not that up to speed as normally, but this


James Corden Battles Adam Lambert To Be The Frontman Of Queen

Of course no one will ever be able to really replace (or even "replace") the stunning voice and mind of


Epic Rap Battle: Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill

The newest edition of Epic Rap Battles of History already got over 2.4 million views after just a day being


Dude Perfect Have A Christmas Special Face Off

Whistle Sports got a viral hit by uploading this silly christmas face off of the dudes from Dude Perfect with


The 2016 Conan Staff Holiday Sweater Competition

Here are some very creative and/or funny outfits, that members of the Conan staff did make. "Can anyone top Barbara’s


Air Guitar Battle: Michael Fassbender vs Jimmy Fallon

Air guitar never gets old! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon uploaded this epic battle featuring actor Michael Fassbender, getting