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A Sloth’s Search For Love – Planet Earth II

After you got to see the super intense "f(l)ight" featuring iguana and snakes, we get a lot more chilled with…

Thermal Camera Shows How Quickly You Lose Heat Out In Cold Temperatures

Not only is it terribly uncomfortable to go into the cold without a thick coat, it's actually very dangerous as…

Blue Whale Appears On Nature Show At Perfect Time

Just when the announcer of BBC Earth Unplugged was complaining that they couldn't get a blue whale on camera, one of the…

Amazing Search Dog Can Smell Through Water And Mud

Man has leveraged the powerful sense of smell of dogs for thousands of years, but we still are just learning…

Dog Saves Owner’s Life By Smelling Her Cancer

Dogs are always watching us, reading our body language. They know when we're happy, playful, going for a walk, or…

Smart Dolphin Answers Questions And Choose Favorite Snack Using Echolocation Computer

BBC Earth reports that a few specially trained dolphins can now choose their favorite foods and make choices with a special…


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