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Woman Gets Nasty Surprise From Above On Her Ice Cream Cone

While on vacation with her husband and toddler, this woman decided to send her parents a video greeting while enjoying


Countless Pelicans Dive Into Ocean At The Beach To Feed

Maximiliano Ricci was at the beach with his family and friends when an amazing scene of Mother Nature took place. A


Black Tie Beach Prank 2014

For five years now, New York based improv group Improv Everywhere has been pranking beach goers by sending huge groups of people dressed


Cell Phone Crashing At The Beach

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films is famous for his hilarious cell phone crashing prank series. The prank is simple. Greg walks


Giant Herd Of Manatees At The Beach

Sydney Griswold and other beach-goers at Three Rooker Island in Dunedin, Florida had a very special Memorial Day weekend. A herd of


People Think They’re Floating In The Levitation Prank

Magician Rich Ferguson teamed up with prankster Jack Vale to prank people at the beach and blow their minds. They convinced a slew of


Rare Oarfish Sighting

During a trip to Baja, participants of Shedd Adventures had the special opportunity to see not one, but two rare oarfish while at


Two Legged Boxer Playing On The Beach Will Make You Happy

Remember Duncan Lou Who, the two legged Boxer saved by animal welfare group Panda Paws Rescue who went viral back in November? 


Mahi Mahi Swims Right Up To Man On Deserted Beach

While walking alone on a beach in South West Australia, Rhys Assan was confronted by something strange and magical.  A gorgeous Mahi


Social Media Stalker Prank

Online prankster Jack Vale went viral back in November after scaring strangers with their personal information he found on social media sites,


Throwing Snowballs At People At The Beach In LA

Most of the country is still freezing, but things so are nice in Los Angeles that Jimmy Kimmel even "had the air


Dropping Popcorn By Sunbathers To Attract Birds Prank

The beach is always good fun. Except for those annoying seagulls that swarm any open food. They seem to be