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Scary Snowman Pranks Beach Goers

The last thing you'd expect to see at the beach is a big snowman. But there he is in all…

Seals Kiss After Being Released To Wild

Two Northern Elephant seal pups that were rescued and rehabilitated at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach. Thankfully,…

T-Mobile Makes Real Life Angry Birds Game At Beach

T-Mobile strikes viral marketing gold once again! No one can stop the marketers at the tele-comm company from making successful viral videos.…

Baby Elephant Playing On Beach

Sometimes older videos just get picked up by the blogosphere and catch on fire. The Internet has fallen in love…

Beach Ball In Sand Makes Beach Trampoline

Some one was a genius and thought to bury a beach ball. With all that pressure from the sand, it…

Storm Front Causes Panic At Beach In Hietaniemi, Finland

You can just hear the Dum Dum Dum of the dramatic bass. Whatever the genre, this all too real scene…



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