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Teddy Bear Pug Loves Ice Cream

Teddy Bear Pug Loves Ice Cream

[rumble][/rumble] My Pug dog Choco is wearing the teddy bear costume that I made and eating icecream. This is so…

Bear Loves Playing with Log

Bear Loves Playing with Log

[rumble][/rumble] A huge female grizzly bear at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center playing with a log. More

Bear Pays Car a Visit in Banff National Park

Bear Pays Car a Visit in Banff National Park

[rumble][/rumble] So this just happened! We were driving in Canada through Banff National Park and we found this bear coming…

Bear Enjoys Snack on Blanket

Bear Enjoys Snack on Blanket Have you ever seen someone feed a bear with a spoon? If not that can…

Testing New Drone Gets Dangerous Really Quick

Casually running when suddenly a wild bear appears. Noooope... Talk about extreme footage!

Who cares what people think? – Kiss me you fool

How about no – Bear

Funny Outtakes From A White Bear On Ice

White Bear Mitsubishi wanted to shoot a cool commercial in an ice hockey venue. Sadly their mascot didn't seem to…

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman

This little guy doesn't like his new flatmate... :) The video about Da Mao got over 1 million views on…

Bears Dancing To ‘Jungle Boogie’ (Planet Earth II)

Another entertaining clip from the BBC series "Planet Earth" that shows us some dancing bears. Quite more than the nature…

Bear Walking On Hind Legs Like Yogi Bear

Many bears can stand on their hind legs for a moment or two, but can't walk around like that. Except…

Daring Man Yells At Bear To Leave Garbage Dump

Most of us would freeze in terror or run away screaming if we found a bear in our garbage can.…



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