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There’s a name for people without beards – Women


A Song About No Being Able To Grow A Cool Beard

"Prebeardy" is this state when men want to grow a cool beard of any kind but only some weird patches


Guy Shaves His Beard For First Time In 14 Years

Since he was 30 years old, Mook Amit has has a beard. Now that he's 44, he's decided to change


Stephen Colbert Shaves His Beard On First Clip From The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Now that The Late Show With David Letterman is finally over, a new host is taking over. As most fans


American Facial Hair Throughout History

America may be one of the youngest nations in the world, but it has a vast history. Popular culture in


Silly Dad Puts Fake Facial Hair On Baby’s Face

Perfect Daddy is a brand new dad and is already living up to his role. He admits while mom was away


The Life Of A Beard

For two long months, Nick Mirka grew out his beard and took pictures of his progress. But just as his


Daughter Bursts Into Tears During Peekaboo Game After Dad Shaves His Beard

The Internet has seen the adorableness that occurs when a toddler or baby looks upon their father's face right after


Man Shaves Beard In Honor Of Grandmother Turning 100

Scott Cleveland's grandma hated his beard. So he made her a deal. When she turns 100 years old, he would


Beard Man Eats Ramen Out Of ‘Beard Bowl’

YouTuber Incredibeard truly lives up to his name as he has an epic beard that he braids and forms into outrageous styles.  But


Baby Doesn’t Recognize Dad After Shaving Beard

This precious baby video posted by A Super Chicken was actually posted online in 2012, but has only gone viral now.


Ballpoint Barber Stop Motion Haircut

Stop motion haircuts have been done before, but artist Peter Simon took the concept to the next level. Using over 300 pieces