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‘Beat It’ By Michael Jackson Covered On Acoustic Guitar

Beat It by Michael Jackson is one of the pop star's most famous songs. The song is the epitome of…

Man Dances To Michael Jackson’s Beat It In The Middle Of Baltimore Riots

There's been a lot of sad, depressing news coming out of Baltimore over the past few days with the Freddie…

Beat It Dubstep Dance

MARQUESE 'NONSTOP' SCOTTĀ is one of the most popular online dubstepĀ and robot pop-n-lock dancers. His most recent Michael Jackson tribute performance…

Twitter Beat It Spoof – Tweet It iPad VS iPhone

A funny parody of Twitter to the tune of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

Girl Performs Michael Jackson’s Beat It On Piano

Christina Grimmie is growing a larger fan base on the Internet everyday. Here's her version of Beat It.


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