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Beauty And Lord Voldemort

PistolShrimps put together this absurd mashup of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Harry Potter" trending right now with already over


If Belle From Beauty And The Beast Was Britney Spears

It's not an official Disney feature film unless it has at least a couple of unforgettable songs. That got musician and pop


Cinderella VS Belle Rap Battle

Comedian and actress Whitney Avalon has become known for her hilarious and catchy Disney princess rap battles. In honor of the new


Disney Guest Challenges Gaston To A Push Up Contest

Gaston is of course the evil, narcissistic villain from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. As Disney always goes all out,


Little Girl Adorably Puts Gaston In His Place At Disney World

As everyone who has seen the hit Disney movie Beauty and the Beast knows, Gaston is an egotistical misogynistic pig


Maurice Raving

YouTuber Bqtamash cut this short clip from Gaston's Ultimate Mission to Obtain Some Taco Bell, and reposted it over a year ago,


Beauty And The Beast House Hunters Parody

To promote the new castles in the New Fantasyland exhibit at Disney World, Disney Parks teamed up with HGTV's House Hunters. They made


Beauty And The Beast Little Town Star Wars Parody

In honor of the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, Comediva quickly got to work mashing the two together. What resulted


Fabulously Flamboyant Lip Dub Of Beauty And The Beast’s Poor Provincial Town Song

In Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Belle just can't stand her 'poor provincial town.' As she walks around town, she


Beastly – Real Life Beauty And The Beast Story

Beastly takes a modern, real life look at the timeless classic, Beauty And The Beast. A rich, good looking man