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‘Fur Elise’ Performed In Different Styles On Piano

Musician Maan Hamadeh was waiting for his flight at the Prague Airport with nothing to do, so he was thrilled when he stumbled…

Fur Elise In Ragtime

At the 2012 finals, Ethan Uslan stole the show with his impressive take on Beethoven's famous Fur Elise.  Somehow, he added an…

Dubstep Beethoven

Dubstep is the epitome of modern music. Beethoven on the other hand is basically as classic as it gets. Can…

Darth Vader’s Theme In Beethoven Style

This video posted online by Improv Electronic in 2009 is trending again now. The musical clip features pianist Richard Grayson who improvises a…

Jazzy Cover Of Fur Elise

Beethoven's Bagatelle No. 25, also known as Fur Elise, is arguably one of the most famous classical pieces in history. Naturally, the…

Playing Piano For Elephants

Paul Barton visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and decided to bring his piano. He plays Beethoven for the amazing…

Star Wars Beethoven Style

This rendition of the famous Darth Vader theme is accurate and articulate. It has a Beethoven feel to the chilling…



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