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Doctor Strange: All Hidden Easter Eggs

Did you see "Doctor Strange" yet? I haven't gotten to it, but I heard it would be good. Mr Sunday


Benedict Cumberbatch Reads The Tale of Election 2016

Sadly democracy failed today, as Donald Trump got voted into office. For us in Germany it as a non-explainable tragedy

Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

Jimmy Fallon did play a little game of "Mad Lib Theater" with his guest, the UK actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Or

Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Magic Trick

Okay, actually the actor only demonstrates a little physics rule, but it is quite neat and if you imagine him


Rescued Baby Bats Wrapped In Tiny Blankets Are The Cutest

Most people are terrified of bats, and assume they are scary, dangerous animals. But most bats only eat bugs or


Benedict Cumberbatch Performs Celebrity Impressions In One Minute

While being interview on MTV, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was challenged with the imitation game. The host wanted to see how many


Benedict Cumberbatch Does The Beyonce Walk

World famous pop star Beyonce is famous for her powerful presence. Just the way she walks can make fans shriek


Graham Norton Confronts Benedict Cumberbatch That He Can’t Say ‘Penguins’

Viewers will remember the hilarious viral compilation from a month ago of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch failing to properly pronounce 'penguins' while narrating


Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say ‘Penguins’

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is an extremely talented star and orator. But Graham Hughes noticed something odd while watching a BBC documentary about the


Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is A Winner

There are so many people and celebrities performing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it's hard to stick out from the crowd.


Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs U2

In this short clip posted online by Max Clendaniel, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch quietly and carefully plans an intrusion at The Oscars.


Benedict Cumberbatch And The Count Solve A Fruity Problem

Even on a kids show solving the simplest of math problems, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch can go viral.  The detective teamed



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