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Wellness + Rollercoaster = Spamusement Park

What seems to be a beautifully thought and made up hoax is a well done hoax, but the "Beppu City


Brother Dances On Street Corner After Losing Bet

Andrew Wilcox is the older brother, and never loses when he plays his younger bro in basketball. But the one day they


Groom Completes Slap Bet On Groomsman During Wedding

As all fans of How I Met Your Mother know, a slap bet is a bet where the winner gets


10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology returns to cover ten more unique trick bets that you will no doubt win. His tricks include how to


10 Bets You Will Always Win Part 6

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is famous for his eccentric Bets You Will Always Win viral videos. In the on going series, he demonstrates


Another 10 Party Tricks You Will Always Win

Back in the summer, Quirkology went viralviral with his 10 Bets You Will Never Lose video which currently stands with over 8.5 million views. 


Chris Brown Rihanna Drake Mix Up At BET Music Awards

The Chris Brown Rihanna controversy is still fresh in fan's minds. It seems like yesterday when the story of the


Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder Song LIVE BET Hip Hop Awards 2010

Antoine Dodson performs his Bed Intruder Song with Auto Tune The News live at the BET Hip Hop Awards. that's