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Betty White’s Birthday Flash Mob

Betty White is one of the oldest players in Hollywood who is still in the game. It's not easy to be…

President Obama Sends Betty White Birthday Card

Betty White has been entertaining people for literally decades, and she just turned 90 years old. In honor of her…

Betty White And Luciana Rap Song – I’m Still Hot

It seems Betty White is everywhere you look these days. She's all over TV shows, and the Internet seems to…

Betty White Stars In AARP Online Commercial

Betty White hots the AARP Get Over It A-thon. She, and her many clones, tell people that they should just…

Betty White T-Shirt And Hoodies – Made By Betty HoodieBuddie Commercial

Betty White teams up with to offer Betty White T-shirts. It's Betty's way or the highway. She's Betty-freaking-White!  


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