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Channing Tatum Performs Run The World As Beyonce

This week's latest episode of Lip Sync Battle on Spike was epic. As she was dancing against Channing Tatum himself, Jenna Dewan recreated his


Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies Synced Up With Duck Tales Theme Song

This ridiculous music video by Good Friends has instantly gone viral with countless views on YouTube and over 35,000 notes on Tumblr. Some


Serena Williams Performs ‘7/11’ Music Video

Serena Williams might be one of the most famous tennis players out there today. While visiting the BallenIsles Country Club with Vogue,


Group Of Bros Recreate Beyoncé’s 7/11 Music Video

Anything Beyonce puts online instantly goes viral. So it was no surprise her new music video 7/11 was an instant hit. It


Wolverine Dances To All The Single Ladies

Wolverine is the brutish mutant superhero from X-Men with a dark side. He's known for his short temper and anger


Benedict Cumberbatch Does The Beyonce Walk

World famous pop star Beyonce is famous for her powerful presence. Just the way she walks can make fans shriek


‘Single Ladies’ By Beyonce Performed As A Dramatic Monologue

Beyonce's hit track Single Ladies is one catchy tune, but did you ever stop and listen to the actual words? To


Men Perform Epic Beyonce Dance Wear High Heels

There's just something about Beyonce music that makes you want to dance! Professional choreographer Yanis Marshall wanted to literally dance to Beyonce


The Beygency Comes After You If You Don’t Like Beyonce

It seems like everyone is in love with Beyonce. And there's a reason why. If you actually admit you don't


Help! My Girlfriend Literally Can’t Even

Have you or your girlfriend ever been watching Beyonce and you "just can't?" Like you "literally just can't even?" If


Two Guys Perform Epic Beyonce Medley

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying are most famous as two of the five vocalists of popular a cappella group Pentatonix.  The two


Vin Diesel Sings And Dances To Katy Perry And Beyonce

Vin Diesel has instantly exploded on Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet at large with this new dance video.  He sings along