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Playing Pool On A Perfect Circle

Games plays with a cue stick and a ball on a table, most commonly known as pool today, have been…

Inconceivable Pool Trick Shots By Florian Kohler

Professional billiards master Florian Kohler is so well known for that he has gone on world tour, visiting nine countries in five weeks,…

Chihuahua Plays Billiards

Most dogs like to play fetch with a tennis ball. But Amadeus the Chihuahua has a much more sophisticated sport…

5 Year Old Pool Prodigy Is Three Generations In The Making

While most other five year olds like to spend their time playing tag and drawing, Thnkr TV reports that little Keith O'Dell enjoys spending…

Self Leveling Pool Table On Cruise Ship

Cruise ships love to show off their outrageous amenities, but how do they offer billiard tables to their guest on the high…

Amazing Snooker Player Scores Perfect Game

I'll be honest. I have no idea what Snooker is, the rules of the game, or how to play. The…


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