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Kangaroos in the Snow

23 August, 2019



Man In Crab Costume Dances To Billie Jean

What kind of dancing is appropriate for a seafood party? That's a tough one. But this seafood boil in LA has the perfect


Michael Jackson Covered On Bottles

As their name suggests, the Bottle Boys are masters at performing music using regular plastic and glass bottles. For their latest project,


Student’s Michael Jackson Dance Steals The Show At School Talent Show

This highlight reel from the Pitman High School talent show has gone viral for one reason and one reason only. At


Billie Jean Duet On Cover Piano And Drums

Popular music partners Michael Henry & Justin Robinett last went viral with their Unique Piano And Drums Cover Of Just Give


The Civil Wars Cover Billie Jean

This fourteen month old video is continuing to garner attention especially now after being featured on TheHighDefinite and Channel961. The


Michael Jackson Impersonator Dances To Billie Jean On NYC Subway

Underground New York City video chronicler Yosef Bootski has a very special view of the Big Apple most people miss out


Filipino Traffic Cop Dancing To Michael Jackson

Working as a traffic cop can be tiring, boring work. This Filipino traffic officer deals with the long workdays by


Little Boy Dances To Michael Jackson Billie Jean

He must be Michael Jackson's reincarnation! The little three year old dances and kicks perfectly, just like Michael Jackson. Moon


Michael Jackson Beatbox Impersonator In Brazil

Apparently Michael Jackson didn't die. He just got a new face and moved to Brazil to drive a taxi cab.



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