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Jimmy Fallon And Billy Joel Sing Beast Of Burden

There are few classic rock songs as famous and catchy as the Rolling Stones hit Beast of Burden. While hosting music legend


Billy Joel And Jimmy Fallon Sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight Doo-Wop Using iPad Looper

Jimmy Fallon is a huge fan of Billy Joel. So when he had the famous singer on his Tonight Show he


We Didn’t Start The Fire 2013 Celebrity Cover

What a unique and original way to review 2013.  Owen Weber didn't just make a mash up like everyone else to


We Didn’t Start The Viral Music Video

It's hard to believe we have been living in the new YouTube world for the past eight years. A lot


Fan Asks Billy Joel If He Can Perform With Him, Billy Answers Yes And They Play New York State Of Mind

It truly takes guts to not only ask a question in front of your countless peers at Vanderbilt University, but


Autistic Six Year Old Plays Piano Man

It's no secret that people with autism often express amazing musical talent. And so is the case with six year