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102 Year Old Dancer Sees Herself On Film For The First Time

Alice Barker is over 100 years old, so she hasn't gone dancing in quite a while. But back in the


Vintage Cover Of ‘Creep’ Is Gorgeous

Scott Bradlee and his band The Postmodern Jukebox have made a name for themselves on the Web by covering pop songs


David Beckham And James Corden Star In Underwear Commercial

Fans will remember when soccer star David Beckham starred in an underwear ad for H&M during the Super Bowl of 2012. James


Polyphonic Overtone Singing Is Crazy Weird

What exactly is polyphonic overtone singing? Professional singer Anna-Maria Hefele explains that it is the art of singing two notes at the


Gatorade’s Derek Jeter Tribute Will Make Any Sports Fan Smile

Even baseball fans who don't support the Yankees can appreciate Derek Jeter's athleticism. In honor of the famous sportsman, Gatorade made this


Roger Whittaker Is An Amazing Whistler

This older video of musician Roger Whittaker has only gone viral now. Roger puts on an impressive whistling performance that


Paperman Disney Animated Short Film

Unsurprisingly, Disney Animation has instantly gone viralviral after the debut of their new animated short film, Paperman. The Oscar nominated black and white


Justin Timberlake I’m Ready Promotional Video

To promote his long overdue new album, Justin Timberlake just published this new promotional tease video simply titled I'm Ready. As Justin walks


Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Remix

Just in time for Halloween, Tim Burton has remade his own 1984 Frankenweenie shortinto a full feature 3D black and white film.  To help


Arthur C. Clarke Predicted The Internet In 1974

Every generation takes their technology for granted. In the 70's, every household had a television, toaster, and telephone. So when


Vintage 1940’s Video On Women’s Gym Equipment

It's sometimes difficult to differentiate between actual 1940's vintage video and parody of the classic era. In this video published by VintageFashions, the


Cycle Skating In The 20’s

Rollerblades really took off in the 80's and 90's, but the idea for the roller skating alternative was born many