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Will I Am Checks His Own Lyrics On Phone During French Performance

The Black Eyed Peas performed with European artist, Stromae, mixing their songs, Alors On Danse and Don't Stop The Party.


Father Daughter Wedding Dance Break Out Black Eyed Peas Music

There are so many wedding dance videos online, it's overwhelming. But this father daughter dance at her wedding sticks out


Dude Performs Epic Yo-yo Tricks By The Pool

Some people like to chill by the pool. Chase would rather pull off sick yo-yo tricks by the pool. I'm


Neighbor Swords Dances To Black Eyed Peas

Lereya says that everyday at 7:30 in the afternoon, she hears the neighbors blasting the Black Eyed Peas. Finally, she


Bad Lip Reading Version Of Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow

Bad Lip Reading takes pop songs and changes the lyrics to be ridiculous, but still fit the song's music video. Instead


2011 Super Bowl Halftime Show – Black Eyed Peas

Some people hated it, others loved it. However you feel, here is the 2011 Super Bowl Halftime Show by the


Fergie Sweet Child Of Mine Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Halftime Show 2011 FAIL

Finally, the world can see that the black eyed peas are only popular because of their computer auto tuning in


Halloween Light Show House – Pump It Black Eyed Peas, Thriller Michael Jackson

A huge Halloween theme light show. I can't believe some one spent a ton of time setting up the animation


Flash Mob Ends in Violence

This just seems like another corporate flash mob to Black Eyed Peas Got A Feeling. But towards the end things


Vampires Suck – Black Eyed Peas Clip

Funny clip from the new 2010 summer spoof movie Vampires Suck. 'They don't even have a white guy in that