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Black Friday In Brazil Is Not What You Might Expect

Black Friday has nearly become an unofficial holiday in America. Many people have a tradition of lining up and shopping


Lady Steals From Kid During Black Friday 2015

It seems it has become an unofficial tradition. Now, not Black Friday. We're talking about the videos of the fights and riots that


If Every Store Was Honest About Black Friday

It's almost here! No, we're not talking Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or even the new Star Wars movie. We're talking about


Black Friday Pep Talk At Target Will Pump You Up

With so many great deals, Black Friday is considered the most busy shopping day of the year. It's also the


Black Friday Horror Movie Trailer

Every year, Black Friday is somehow hyped up to be a bigger event than the last. The deals are better, the stores


Stampeding Horde Fights Over Cell Phones At Walmart Black Friday 2012

This is one of those videos that there are countless copies of, but no one is sure who the original


Dressing As A Store Employee On Black Friday Prank

Many Americans take Black Friday very seriously, so naturally, Prank vs Prank had to take advantage of the special 'holiday.' In a genius


Horde Of Teenage Girls Stampede Victoria’s Secret Black Friday 2012

It's become a Black Friday tradition now, not to actually go shopping, but to check the web for the expected


Shopping List Prank

Greg and Ryan from MediocreFilms played a little game for Black Friday. They each made each other a crazy shopping list,


Gentlemen Rant About Holiday Shopping

It's that time of year again; a time of cookies, presents, and yummy dinners. But all those presents, toys, and


Black Friday Shoppers Rush Urban Outfitters

This video of an Urban Outfitters in the Thousand Oaks Mall in California has become one of the most trending


Black Friday Chaotic Mob At California Walmart

Each Black Friday, one video sticks out as the one that speaks for them all. This video of the absolute