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Black Simon and Garfunkel Sing All About That Bass

There are few who can compete with Simon and Garfunkel's soothing and calming music. The only ones to come close…

Black Simon And Garfunkel Sing ‘Royals’ By Lorde

One of Jimmy Fallon's most popular segments on Late Night was Black Simon and Garfunkel, comprised of Questlove and Kirk Douglas of Jimmy's house…

Black Simon And Garfunkel Sing Katy Perry’s “Roar”

One of Jimmy Fallon's favorite gags on his Late Night program is to ask his house band, , to cover pop…

Black Simon And Garfunkel Cover ‘Get Lucky’

Every now and then, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon house band The Roots will perform as Black Simon and Garfunkel.…

Black Simon & Garfunkel Cover Thrift Shop

Black Simon & Garfunkel is a returning segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featuring channeling their inner Simon & Garfunkel. Recently, the…

Black Simon and Garfunkel Sing One Direction

Last summer, Jimmy Fallon introduced 'Black Simon and Garfunkel,' starring members from his house band, The Roots.  A year later,…



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