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Blacksmith Reproduces Hidden Blade From Assassin’s Creed 4

In honor of Assassin's Creed 4, master sword-smith Tony Swatton of the AWE me channel's Man At Arms series reproduced the iconic…

Blacksmith Replicates Link’s Master Sword

Link maybe one of the most famous heroes in video game history, even if most people confuse him for Zelda.…

Craftsman Makes Real Replica Of Captain America’s Shield

At the start of April, new channel on the block Awe Me Channel went viral with their 3D Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art video,…

Blacksmith Makes Tongs At World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition

Chad Chance published this video nearly two summers ago, but it has just experienced a second surge in viewership recently. At the world Championship…

How To Light A Cigarette With A Hammer

How to perform a task without the necessary tools is a popular topic online. Opening alcoholic beverages without a bottle opener or…


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