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Blind Man Tries To Guess The Color Of Scented Markers

Remember those Mr. Sketch scented markers? Tommy Edison, who has been blind from birth, was challenged by one of his fans


Hoax Artist Sells Fake Banksy Art In New York City

Last week, world famous artist Banksy attempted to sell his original work for the low price of $60 each on the streets


How A Blind Person Uses Instagram

The web's favorite blind film critic, Tommy Edison, has returned with another dose of how a blind person uses everyday technology.


Intangible Concepts To A Blind Person

There are so many concepts sighted-people take for granted without even realizing it, explains Tommy Edison who is blind from birth. Completely visual,


Can Blind People Draw

The web's coolest blind guy, Tommy Edison, continues to trend online. His latest video is very interesting as his fans asked


Describing Colors To Blind People

It has been a while, but the Internet's favorite blind guy, Tommy Edison, has finally returned to the web to talk more about


The Perks Of Being Blind

Blind people are often pitied in American society, even though they can't see everyone staring at them. But it's not


This Summer Hollywood Makes More Remakes

It's become such a problem these days, saying Hollywood just keeps remaking the same movies over and over has in of itself become a


How Blind People Use The iPhone

Smart phones have revolutionized the world, but what about the seeing impaired? Can they take advantage of this great technology?


How Blind People Dream

One of the most common questions a seeing impaired person is asked is what are their dreams like. Do blind


One For The Money Is The Same Movie As The Bounty Hunter

You really have to keep an eye on Hollywood's new releases. They'll do their best to keep feeding you the


How A Blind Person Cooks Dinner

When you're blind the simplest things in life become challenges, like just having dinner. Tommy Edison who is blind shows us