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Will Cable TV Ever Be Free?

24 December, 2020



How Blind People Know What Time It Is

Today, if someone is seeing-impaired there are countless digital applications that can help them navigate the world and tell time. But…

Blind Man Sees His Wife For First Time With Bionic Eye

Everyday, science advances. What was just science fiction a few years ago is becoming science fact. Remember Geordi La Forge…

Blind Man Sees With High Tech eSight Headset

The eSight is a special headset that gives almost completely blind users the ability to see. Using a small camera, the headset interprets…

How A Blind Man Sees With Sound

There is a small, but growing, group of blind people who are learning to 'see' with sound. Similarly to Daredevil the…

Blind Man Sees Again With Bionic Eye

Larry Hester has been suffering from a condition called retinitis pigmentosa for half his life which has taken away his…

Blind Man Is Also A Card Trick Master

Don't let Richard Turner fool you. Though he became blind as a young child, he has truly mastered playing cards.…

How A Blind Person Uses Instagram

The web's favorite blind film critic, Tommy Edison, has returned with another dose of how a blind person uses everyday technology.…

Moped Rider Helps Blind Man Walking In Street

Motorcycles Vancouver is not your average biker gang. Instead of wreaking havoc as some might assume, they're helping the community. They…



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