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Blind Man Tries To Guess The Color Of Scented Markers

Remember those Mr. Sketch scented markers? Tommy Edison, who has been blind from birth, was challenged by one of his fans


Oh Come, Emmanuel Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Kuha’o Case

Popular violinist Lindsey Stirling teamed up with self-taught blind pianist Kuha'o Case for her latest music video.  Together, they perfectly blend their talents to


Growing Up Blind

The web's most prominent blind YouTuber, Tommy Edison, discusses what it was like growing up blind from birth in his latest


Blind Girl From The Philippines Sings ‘Wrecking Ball’

Joyce Jimenez is only eleven years old, and can't see a thing, but gosh can she sing. In this video


Jimmy Kimmel Takes Blind People To A Shooting Range

After hearing the news that the state of Iowa was issuing gun permits to the seeing-impaired, Jimmy Kimmel decided to take


Blind Man Asks Questions About ‘Sighted Life’

YouTube's most popular blind man, Tommy Edison, usually answers questions on how he goes along his daily life, such as how


How A Blind Person Uses Instagram

The web's favorite blind film critic, Tommy Edison, has returned with another dose of how a blind person uses everyday technology.


Intangible Concepts To A Blind Person

There are so many concepts sighted-people take for granted without even realizing it, explains Tommy Edison who is blind from birth. Completely visual,


Moped Rider Helps Blind Man Walking In Street

Motorcycles Vancouver is not your average biker gang. Instead of wreaking havoc as some might assume, they're helping the community. They


Beep Ball Baseball For The Blind Short Film

Being blind makes nearly every simple task a difficult chore, even having playing and having fun. In this short film


Can Blind People Draw

The web's coolest blind guy, Tommy Edison, continues to trend online. His latest video is very interesting as his fans asked


What Sounds Good To A Blind Person

Tommy Edison has been blind since birth, so nearly all of his sensory input from a distance comes from only sound.