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blink-182 Parody Their Classic Music Video What’s My Age Again

For their new single "She's Out Of Her Mind" blink-182 got inspiration from their own past. Three naked women running


Girl Gets Shorts Stuck When Climbing Over Gate At Concert

Blink-182 played at The Melbourne Soundwave Festival 2013 in Australia over the past weekend. One daring girl climbed over a gate


Blink-182 Fan Uses Song Lyrics To Ask Girls Out

Tommy, who many have already called Michael Cera's long lost brother, shockingly isn't all that great with the ladies. He's also


Blink 182 Mash Up In One Minute

For Gen Yers, Blink 182 is one of the best memories of the late 90's. YouTuber musician Chadneidt is such a fan,


New Blink 182 – Up All Night Music Video Starring Fans

It's been eight long years for kids of the 90's who have been waiting for another Blink 182 album. And