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Skiing Through A Canadian Blizzard

It's been a relatively mild winter in America so far, but it seems that could all change. FernieAlpineResort in Canada right above Montana


Driver Safely Passes Through Blizzard Highway Car Crash Pile Up

NSFW - Language. Driving in snowy and icy conditions is always a bad idea, but if you have to travel


Diablo 3 Trailer At VGA 2011

Blizzard's hellish Diablo series is about to return with a third epic chapter, Diablo III. GameTrailers featured this epic CGI opening cinematic


Woman Steals Snow Shovel, Man Covers Her Car In Snow As Revenge

This lady stole from the wrong guy. During the great blizzard of 2011 in Chicago, people were freaking out about the


Pure Michigan Blizzard Spoof

The blizzard of 2011 hit the Midwest and Central America hard. But strangely the one state is used to plenty


Weather Man Freaks Out Over Snow Thunder

The Weather Channel Jim Cantore was a bit surprised when he heard thunder while reporting on the Chicago blizzard 2011.


Car Crash, Car Standing Up In Snow 90 Degrees

The blizzard of 2011 has hit almost the entire country. On I93, In New Hampshire, there is a car accident


Cab On Fire In New York

Driving by in the latest blizzard, a New Yorker caught a taxi cab burning. Then it gives off an explosion


Ice Skating On The Streets Of Atlanta Blizzard 2011

Atlanta is not famous for their snow or cold weather. They were hit by a rare blizzard and had freezing


Man Skis Down Park Ave New York

The New York City of 2010 was one of the biggest blizzards in the city's history. One man tries to


Red Shirt Guy Auto Tune Remix

At Blizzcon 2010 an epic super nerd stumped developers of Blizzard at a WOW Q&A . Here's an awesome auto tune


Zerg Attacks World Of Warcraft

The Zerg break the time space continuum and attack Azeroth. Humans and Orcs band together to fight off the invasion.