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Black Widow By Iggy Azalea Bluegrass Cover

Rap star Iggy Azalea has a new single out, Black Widow. Cover artists The Gregory Brothers were quick, and have already debuted a unique…

Bluegrass Cover Of ‘One More Time’ By Daft Punk

French electronic band Daft Punk has been trending online ever since the debut of their new album Random Access Memories.…

Small Bird Lands On Josh Williams’ Guitar During Blue Grass Concert

This video from June just became a viral sensation this new year. At the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival at Denton…

Human Centipede Performs Gimme All Your Loving Music Video

Sometimes, even I am lost for words. Using plaid as camouflage, this guy edited himself connected into one long human centipede playing violin, bass,…

Three Young Brothers Play Blue Grass

It's nice to see kids these days getting along and also doing something productive with their lives. Jonny Mizzone, age…


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