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Nature Interview Interrupted By Blue Whale

Steve Backshall of the BBC was interviewing whale expert Doris Welch for their new blue whale special, Big Blue Live, when the improbable…

The Biggest Heart Ever

The blue whale is known as the largest organism on earth, perhaps in world history. So it seems obvious that…

Blue Whale Appears On Nature Show At Perfect Time

Just when the announcer of BBC Earth Unplugged was complaining that they couldn't get a blue whale on camera, one of the…

Blue Whale Swims Right By Tour Boat

There is a special place in mankind's heart for whales. Whenever there is an encounter, a magical bond is created.…

Kayaker Records Blue Whales On First Person View Camera

It's not everyday you go kayaking and just so happen to have a giant Blue whale casually swim by you.…



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