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6 Year Old Kid Lands a Backflip on His Bike

Last month Brody Evan became the youngest person to ever land a backflip on their bike at the age of


Crazy Tokyo Trip By Pro BMX’er Nigel Sylvester

In the third installation of his "GO!" series Nigel Sylvester plows through Tokyo with lots of skills and cool transitions.


First Ever BMX Quad Backflip

For the common sports enthusiast, performing just one backflip on a bicycle is hard enough. But daredevils are always pushing the


Biker On 3D Course Looks Like He’s In A Video Game

Fixed gear freestyle biker Josh Boothby mixed art and biking in his latest project. It looks like Josh is stuck in


BMX Bike Ride Through The Mall Will Take You For A Wild Ride

This helmet camera video posted on Vimeo by Rick is a trip. Literally.  Watch through the daring rider's perspective as he barrels through


Front Forward BMX Bike Flip

BMX biker Ryan Williams has made a name for himself for his extreme daredevil endeavors. Nitro Circus just published this epic clip


BMX Biker Performs Epic Superman Double Backflip

Adrenaline junkie Ethen Godfrey-Roberts has gone viral after performing a world record trick at the Nitro Circus. He basically invented his


Full BMX Loop The Loop Made Of Dirt

BMX enthusiast Mike "Hucker" Clark allied with Red Bull to perform a stunt of truly epic proportions.  The adrenaline junkie daringly took on


Citi Bike BMX

The Citi Bike program in New York City made a lot of buzz when it debuted earlier this year, but


Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate BMX Biking

For two years, BMX biker Danny MacAskill has been working on this extreme sporting short film, titled Imaginate. Finally, Red Bull has just


Original Bike Tricks By Tim Knoll

After a while, even the most amazing BMX bike tricks get old. How many times can you wow onlookers with


POV Flying Through The Air Dirt Bike Crash

Daniel Caviezel's buddy recorded this intense point-of-view crash video while dirt biking, and now the video stands with over 140,000 views.