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Deep Sea Nuke

Our favorite optimistic nihilist, Kurzgesagt considers the unpleasant question of what would happen if a nuclear bomb was detonated at the bottom of…

Blowing Up A Computer

Have you ever been so frustrated with your computer working improperly that you just wanted to throw it out the…

Explosion At Russian Train Station In Volgograd

A suicide bomber attacked a train station in Volgograd, Russia on Sunday. This YouTube video posted by Petr Petrov shows footage from…

Lebanese Newscast Is Interrupted By Car Bomb Blast

A car bomb struck in downtown Beirut, Lebanon killing five and leaving many wounded. The blast was so powerful that…

Bomb Squad Soldier Dances To Lady Gaga Poker Face

When I'm defusing a bomb I'm not nervous at all. I like to dance! Who cares if I can explode…

Car Bomb In Iraq Caught On Camera

So this is the 'freedom' we left Iraq in. Boy, I bet they thank America everyday for the 'help' we've…


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