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Adorable Couple Sings Karaoke On Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News

Pumpcast news is a long standing bit on The Tonight Show where a very special gas station in Burbank plays…

Russia’s Got Talent Band Covers Bon Jovi It’s My Life

The Internet has a lot of preconceived stereotypes about Russian culture. This band covering It's My Life on a Russia's Got Talent…

Guitarist Announces He’s Going Solo, Smashes His Guitar On Stage

What's more cliche than a bad cover band? How about a bad cover band where a member quits on stage, announcing he's…

GLEE Bon Jovi Livin’ On A Prayer, Rolling Stones Start Me Up Remix

The girl cast of GLEE perform their own mix of Bon Jovi's classic Livin' On A Prayer and The Rolling…


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