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Born This Way Harry Potter Parody

This Lady Gaga parody is delayed two fold. The Harry Potter obsession climaxed last year, as did all the hoopla


Barack Obama Sings Born This Way

Finally, there are enough videos of president Obama to really cut up anything you want him to say. YouTube channel Baracksdubs is


Lady Gaga Born This Way Heavy Metal Remix

Lady Gaga' music is great, but sometimes all that happy pop music is just too much. It's like pouring too


Weird Al Yankovic Perform This Way Music Video Spoofs Lady Gaga Born This Way

A couple months ago, there was much buzz over Weird Al's parody cover of Lady Gaga's Born This Way. At


X-Men Born This Way Spoof Cover

Lady Gaga's hit single, Born This Way, speaks to those persecuted for the way they were born. As she says,


Lady Gaga Sings Born This Way Acapella

HBO offers fans a taste of Lady Gaga in anticipation for her concert in New York City's Madison Square Garden.


Weird Al Spoofs Lady Gaga Born This Way – Perform This Way

Master parody artist, Weird Al Yankovic, took on the feat of spoofing Lady Gaga. He chose to cover Born This


Lady Gaga Born This Way Cover

Sam Tsui covers Lady Gaga's new hit single Born This Way. Kurt Schneider adds his piano magic.


Lady Gaga – Born This Way Country

Lady Gaga isn't just a pop princess. She's taking over country music too. Gaga sang her new hit single Born


Katy Perry Covers Born This Way

Katy Perry covers Lady Gaga's new hit single Born This Way in Paris. It's a double pop extravaganzas! Teeny boppers


Little Girl Performs Born This Way With Lady Gaga At Concert

Little Maria went crazy viral covering Lady Gaga's new hit single, Born This Way. Lady Gaga was so impressed with


Little Girl Covers Born This Way By Lady Gaga

Maria plays piano and sings Lady Gaga's new hit single Born This Way. Dang she can sing. Bravo young one. Keep