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Amazing Demonstration Of Boston Dynamics Robot Handle

Boston Dynamics introduces us to another reason, that we will soon lose against the uprising machines... o.O Over 1.7 million


SpotMini Is The New Smaller Four Legged Robot From Boston Dynamics

By now, you've surely seen the countless viral videos featuring the many four legged robots by state of the art


Next Generation Bipedal Atlas Robot

The robots are coming. Boston Dynamics has just debuted this video of their latest iteration of their bipedal Atlas robot. The new


Robotic ‘Dogs’ Pull Santa’s Sleigh

The world is on the cusp of a robotic revolution. One company that is leading the way is Boston Dynamics who is funded


Boston Dynamics Debuts Latest Four Legged Robot Named Spot

For years, robotics lab Boston Dynamics has been impressing the Internet with their state of the art robots that can walk on


DARPA WildCat Robot Runs Fast Like A Cheetah

Boston Dynamics and DARPA collaborate to create state-of-the-art robots that may have utility in the military, such as for search and rescue


New Atlas Humanoid Robot From DARPA

The technological work of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency never ends. Their latest project in collaboration with Boston Dynamics has been ATLAS,


Petman Humanoid Robot Walks On Treadmill Wearing Protective Suit

This short video by robotics institution Boston Dynamics has already collected over one million views over the weekend. The Petman robot is


Big Dog Robot Picks Uy Cinder Block And Throws It

For years now, the Big Dog robot by DARPA and Boston Dynamics has been the star of several escalating viral


LS3 Walking Cargo Horse Robot

The genius robotic specialist nerds at Boston Dynamics and DARPA never quit. For years they have been working on four-legged autonomous walking robots.


RHex Rough-Terrain Robot

The new RHex robot is the latest technology to emerge from engineering and robotics company Boston Dynamics. The thirty pound 'bot is