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Boston Accent Parody Movie Trailer

Hollywood is a funny place. For some reason, it seems they get stuck in cyclical trends. Right now, they are


David Ortiz Smashes Phone In Dugout With Bat After Strikeout, Ejection

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox expressed some serious anger and frustration during Saturdays Orioles-Red Sox game. After striking


Trying To Give Out Free Money In Boston

Everyone likes free money, right? Well, apparently in Boston that's not that case.  Fat Awesome took to the streets of Boston


Monkey Helps Disabled Man As Service Animal Like No Dog Could

This 2010 video by The Boston Globe has recently resurfaced online.  It's not uncommon to run into someone in public who has


Injured Marines Visit Mother And Daughter Victims Of Boston Bombing At Hospital

Celeste and Sydney Corcoran have become famous as the mother and daughter who were both brutally injured by the explosions


FBI Agent Jumps Open Fence

Boston has been a source for too much negative news over the past week. But over the weekend, viewers found


Entire Boston Stadium Sings National Anthem At Bruins-Sabres

The entire country is still in a state of shock and mourning after the terror bombing attack at the Boston


Hero Cowboy At Boston Marathon Carlos Arredondo Post-Attack Interview

The name Carlos Arredondo has quickly gone viral after the horrific attack at the Boston Marathon. Who is the man?


Violinists Cover I Knew You Were Trouble In Subway Station

I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift has been covered countless times, but there's just something magical about hearing your


Massachusetts Police Caught Egging Their Sergeant’s Home News Report

Usually, it's the cops catching punk teens egging private property. But in this ridiculous news story, it was Massachusetts police


Cute Toddler Says Bye To People Going Down Escalator

This adorable video from November, 2009 just went viral now after being shared on Arbroath. ForTheLoveofChloe was at the Copley Place mall in


55 Year Old Dartmouth Graduate Is Unemployed And Homeless

Maurice Johnston is 55 years old and has Masters Degree in Plasma Physics, and Electrical Engineering and acoustics from prestigious institutions. But