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GoPro Camera On An Arrow!

This is crazy and cool. YouTubers Sam and Niko mounted a little GoPro cam on the tip of an arrow


Man Makes Traditional Bow And Arrow Using Only Natural Tools

The bow and arrow is arguably the first projectile weapon man ever invented. As he specializes in archaic technology, Primitive Technology has


Brave Girl Pulls Her Tooth With Sling Bow

Most kids are terrified to have their dad pull their tooth out. But brave Alexis Davidson was so ready for her loose tooth to


The Archer’s Paradox Explained

Back in the day, archers were an integral part of any army. But once guns were invented, the skill of


Kid Performs Perfect Over The Shoulder No look Bow And Arrow Shot

Logan Miller is just a kid, but he's a better archer than most adults. In this mind blowing video, he performs


Archery Trick Shots

The trick shot obsessed boys of Dude Perfect have performed nearly every kind of trick shot imaginable. They've done Frisbees, hockey,


Stuntmen Perform Mind Blowing Bow And Arrow Acrobatic Trick Shots

Stephen Izzi is a professional stunt performer. With his friends Aaron Joshua, Jason Ng, and Jim Ng, the four pros pull off incredible bow


Lars Andersen Is Fastest Archer In World

Archery was replaced centuries ago with the invention of the musket. Today, archery is a only performed as sport, but


Girl Pulls Her Tooth With Bow And Arrow

Most kids are terrified to pull their loose tooth, but not this tough girl. With the help of mom and


Boy Ties Nerf Gun Around His Loose Tooth And Fires

This video from the summer of 2010 had almost no views, but just suddenly went viral this December. Instead of


Camera On Flying Arrow POV

Attaching a tiny camera to the back of an arrow lets us take a trip with the flying arrow. A


Bow Hunter Shoots Deer In Antlers, Deer Stares At Hunter

It's hard to see the deer, but once the hunter shoots his bow and arrow, the deer runs out. The