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Russian Girl Boxer Can Probably Beat You Up

Saadvakass Family teaches people how the art of boxing. Russian girl Evnik has been training with them for a while now, and


Two Legged Boxer Playing On The Beach Will Make You Happy

Remember Duncan Lou Who, the two legged Boxer saved by animal welfare group Panda Paws Rescue who went viral back in November? 


Dog Is Adorably Scared By A Leaf

Most people assume the Boxer is a tough dog. But Senyin's 'tough' Boxer Leonardo isn't that tough at all. She heard her dog


Dog Responds To Newborn Baby’s Cries In The Cutest Way

When Jeff and Danielle Livak brought their newborn baby home from the hospital they weren't sure how their boxer Bella would react.  They


Two Legged Dog Runs

Animal welfare group Panda Paws Rescue saved a Boxer puppy who was born with severely deformed rear legs. Through rigorous therapy, Duncan Lou


Boxer Meets Herd Of Cows

This older video by BLASTEDFACE has been steadily growing more and more popular since debuting in 2009. Now, the interesting animal


Boxer And Kitten Adorably Meet For First Time

This video by MrLennon310 was posted online in 2011, but has started to trend again now, popping up on FuzzyFeelings, TastefullyO,


Dog Is Confused By YouTube Dog Video

Animal reactions to video is always interesting to humans. Perhaps it's because animals depend so much on their sense of


Dog Meets Herd Of Cows

This interesting animal video was posted online in the summer of 2010, but only went viral recently, being viewed more


Muhammad Ali’s Prophecy About The First Black President

Muhammad Ali is one of America's-and the world's-most famous boxers. After becoming a celebrity in the 60's, Muhammad was asked during