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Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

19 September, 2019


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Overly Attached Boyfriend


Jenna Marbles Lets Boyfriend Do Her Voiceover

Not really her original idea but Jenna Marbles version of her boyfriend doing her voiceover whilst doing her makeup is


Boyfriend Performs Wrestling Moves On His Girlfriend In The Pool

What could possibly be more fun than playing in the pool? How about performing wrestling throws and slams on your girlfriend


Guys Read Each Other’s Texts To Their Girlfriends

The way most guys text their girlfriends is no doubt different than the way they text their buddies. Most guys


‘I Cheated On You’ Prank Backfires On Boyfriend

Prankster Roman Atwood tried to pull a fast one on his girlfriend, but in the end he was the one to nearly


Boyfriend Surprises Weeping Girlfriend With Pug Puppy

30 Pound Man published this video back in May, but it only went viralviral now after being featured on Reddit. Subsequently,


Boyfriend Pranks Girlfriend Adding Super Hot Pepper Extract To Her Sushi Dinner

Prank vs Prank features YouTube's craziest couple who have an ongoing prank war between themselves that's been going on for years.


Seth G. Covers Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend On Violin

Seth G. is a small time YouTube violinist who just broke through the headlines after being featured on ABCNews, TheFW,


NSYNC’s Girlfriend Mashed Up With Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend

Mash up artist RaheemdaplayaO4 noticed that NSYNC's 2002 hit single Girlfriend was a good match for Justin Bieber's Boyfriend, which was ironically


Barack Obama Sings Boyfriend By Justin Bieber

Who knew that the President of the United States was so musical? Barack Obama has already gone viral singing Sexy


Creepy Girl Cover Of Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Justin Bieber is holding a contest for fans to make their own parodies of his hit single Boyfriend. This girl's


Ex-Boyfriend Makes Video For Girlfriend Saying He Misses Her Body

If you're girlfriend breaks up with you she probably has good reason. To get back with her, it's best to



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