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São Paulo Neighborhood Erupts In Cheers When Brazil Scores

Remember that game Brazil played recently? And remember their passionate fans during World Cup 2014? This footage is probably exactly


Black Friday In Brazil Is Not What You Might Expect

Black Friday has nearly become an unofficial holiday in America. Many people have a tradition of lining up and shopping


Penguin Visits Brazilian Man

Years ago, a Brazilian man found a Patagonian Penguin on the beach in front of his house, sick and covered in


100 Years Of Beauty Trends In Brazil

Cut Video is back with their ever popular series on the changing beauty trends around the world. This time, they cover


Strongman Literally Picks Up And Moves Car Parked In Bike Lane

In America, biking is really more of a recreational sport for exercise or enjoyment. For travelling, we mostly use cars. But in


What Brazilians Do To Guy Who Illegally Parked In A Handicap Spot Is The Best

Don't you just become enraged when you see someone who is obviously not disabled park in a handicap-only parking spot?


Feeding Piranhas In A River In Brazil Is Terrifying

In nearly every action movie where the hero travels to the jungle, they often encounter piranha infested waters that they


Toucan Checks Out Traffic Camera In Brazil

Every American kid knows what a toucan looks like thanks to Kellogg's Fruit Loops. But a very real Toucan Sam


What Happened During Germany VS Brazil World Cup Game

For those not paying much attention, Germany walloped Brazil in the World Cup 7-1. This humorous commercial has been trending


Americans Try Brazilian Snacks

Most Americans have never been to Brazil, let alone have tasted any authentically Brazilian food. In honor of the World


Samurai Plays Soccer In Brazil

Nissin Food Group, the company responsible for keeping college kids well fed on Cup Noodle, has debuted this instantly viral


John Oliver On The FIFA And The World Cup

The World Cup is finally starting in Brazil this week. Americans aren't that into soccer, but the rest of the