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Break Dancer Solves Rubik’s Cube While Spinning On His Head

Dutch teenager Justin Stomp is only fourteen years old, but he is already a very talented kid. Not only is


Jimmy Fallon And Brad Pitt Have A Breakdance Conversation

Late night television has followed a precise formula for decades now. The host usually has a monologue, cracks a few


Mormon Missionary Break Dances With Street Performer

As most people know, when a Mormon grows of age, they are sent out into the world on a mission.


Break Dancing On Crutches

German born is a very special type of dancer. As a child he suffered from Polio and lost partial movement


Indian Boy With No Legs Is Amazing Break Dancer

Having a serious handicap like missing both legs would weigh most people down, but not Vinod Thakur from India. Despite


Yoga Break Dancing

Yoga and break dancing are two very different forms of exercise. Ever wonder what they would look like smashed together?


8 Year Old Break Dancer 30 Air Flares

This kid first does some sick dancing. Then he is brought back to show off his air flares. He pulls


Grandma Breakdancing NYC Block Party

Grandma even has a fanny pack. She's got better moves then me. Grandma says her name is Traci as she