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Kid Belly Flops Onto Bride’s Dress

Kids can go two ways at a wedding. They can be adorable and really add something special to the occasion, or they


Professional Dancer Groom Puts On Epic Dance For His Bride At Their Wedding

It seems Kirk and Valerie were simply meant to be. They both are professional dancers and often perform together. So during their


Weird Bridesmaids Photos

Family photos are usually awkward. So when two families come together for a wedding, there are often quite a few weird


Groom With Cancer Getting Married Will Make You Cry

It was only a few months ago when Rowden and Leizl seemd to have everything going for them. Rowden was


Groom Performs EPIC Surprise Dance For Bride At Wedding

Groom Sean Rajaee surprised his bride at their wedding with a truly epic dance performance. With his crew of groomsmen behind


Bride And Groom Perform Their Wedding Vows As Song

Michael and Carissa are more than just a music duo. The two are the sole musicians of the band Us The Duo,


Bride Sings ‘Look At Me’ To Groom While Walking Down The Aisle

Ryan and Arianna posted this video last August, but it has only exploded online now with over 675,000 new views on


Groom Wears POV Hidden Camera During Wedding

Most people confess that their wedding day seems a blur in their memory. There's just so much happening at once,


Wedding Fail – Bride Falls And Skirt Falls Off During Newlywed Entrance

What happens to this poor woman is every girl's nightmare. After the wedding ceremony, it is customary in most circles


Groom Performs Epic Dance For His Bride At Wedding To Justin Bieber’s Baby

There are too many cheesy wedding videos of grooms and brides dancing to some oldies music. We need to bring


Bride Plays Amazing Drum Solo At Her Own Wedding

Playing the drums is no easy feat, and playing the drums while in a wedding dress doesn't make it any


Bride Texting At Her Own Wedding Ceremony

Most brides are nervous, excited, and/or serious during their wedding ceremony. But this bride doesn't seem phased at all that