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PSY Teaches Gangnam Style Horse Trot Dance To Britney Spears On Ellen Show

The obsession with PSY, and his hit single GANGNAM STYLE, continues online, and has actually crept deeper into the mainstream.


Britney Spears Time Morph

VJ4rawr compiled as many faces of Britney Spears available, from baby to 30, into this face morph video. Watch as the


Britney Spears Son Preston Dances To Shake Your Groove Thing

You know you're famous when you have the power to rocket a simple short video of a boy dancing along


Bratty Girl Freaks Out Until Mom Plays Britney Spears

There is nothing worse than taking a road trip with a crying toddler throwing a tantrum. It's best to just


Brintey Spears Saying Baby Or Crazy Super Cut

If you ever needed concrete proof that Britney Spears, and pop music in general, is just empty words, well here


Britney Spears Gives DJ Pauly D A Lap Dance At Concert

When did Britney Spears' concerts go from hot girls dancing around and Britney singing, to a full blow burlesque show that is


Britney Spears’ Baby Niece Covers Up N’ Down

When your aunt is Britney Spears you're bound to hear a heck of a lot of pop music, heavy on


Britney Spears I Wanna Go Music Video

The teaser for Britney's new music video, I Wanna Go, has over two millions hits. And that's just for a


Britney Spears Gives Fan Lap Dance At Concert

Britney Spears held her Lace and Leather concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday night. To really spice


Woman Shows Off Amazing Celebrity Impressions

Melissa Villasenor is an amazing impressionist. She shows off her skills imitating famous celebrities. Some of the stars she covers


US Soldiers Lip Dub Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Music Video

When you think of the Army, what comes to mind? You'd probably say things like guns, muscles, and beer, stuff


Chubby Boy Sings, Dances Britney Spears Hold It Against Me

He's got sass! He's got the moves! And he's got the voice! All he needs now is a record deal.