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He ain’t heavy – He’s my brother – Bunny


Twins Face Swap

The face swapping apps are all the craze now. So two twin brothers thought it would be fun to see how


Fan Made Johnnie Walker Commercial About Brotherly Love Will Give You Chills

It's a wonder how some commercials, with giant marketing budgets behind them, can't compete with ads made by a couple


Twins Lip Sync Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door While Going For A Drive

Remember the adorable couple who went viral singing Frozen's less popular song Love Is An Open Door? That original video stands


Jimmy Kimmel Gives Brothers Lie Detector Test For The Holidays

Jimmy Kimmel has returned with an adorable Christmas-themed episode of his Lie Detective series where he gives kids fake lie detector


Brothers Star In 80’s Style Best Man Music Video ‘We Are Brothers’

These days, a simple best man's speech no longer cuts it. With so many original and crazy best man antics


What It’s Like To Have A Brother With Autism

Spencer Timme published this touching short film in January, but it is trending now. He talks about his special relationship with


Older Brother Transforms Younger Brother’s Room In Pink Little Girl’s Room Prank

After his younger brother 'fraped' his Facebook profile, this Dutch man decided not to stoop low and start a 'Facebook


World’s Strongest Kids

Diagonal UK brings us this human interest story about the Stroe brothers from Romania. At age two, their father started them strength


Three Young Brothers Play Blue Grass

It's nice to see kids these days getting along and also doing something productive with their lives. Jonny Mizzone, age