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Man Finds Cranky Brown Bear Under His Deck

Vance Hopkins knew that there was something living under his deck, but he was shocked when he finally saw what it


Vegetarian Bear Saves Drowning Crow

Aleksander Medveš was visiting the Budapest Zoo when he witnessed a seemingly impossible moment. A crow was drowning in the watering


Terrifying Close Encounter With Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaska Department of Fish and Game tech worker Drew Hamilton captured an Alaskan brown bear incredibly up close on camera. The giant


Wild Bear Opens Car Door While Driver Records

Michael Michie posted this video last June, but it has only gone viral now.  While in the parked car, a brown


Hiker Calmly Tells Brown Bear To Go Around At Kings Canyon Park

As most people who went to sleep away camp know, bears are more scared of us than we are of


Flutist Lulls Hibernating Bear Back To Sleep

At the end of last year, Pinecone Lodge posted this amazing nature video, but the clip is trending now more than


Bear Steals Dumpster From Colorado Restaurant

A bear has gone viral over the weekend after being caught on security camera in the back alley of a


Bear Back Scratching Party In Canada

"Ever wonder what bears do when we're not looking?" asks Alberta Parks. Apparently, bears do exactly what Yogi Bear would do


Baby Bear ‘Attacks’ Russian Backpackers

The first thing everyone tells you when you go camping is if you see a bear stay away and do