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Everyday Objects Are Actually Anamorphic Illusions Made Of Paper

Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that is actually flat as paper. Illusionist Brusspup is one of the


Amazing Fire Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Fire! It's considered one of the most important necessities of life, providing warmth and light. Today, fire has really stepped to the side


Incredible Spinner Illusion Is Mesmerizing

Illusionist Brusspup is famous for his mind blowing optical illusions, and his latest project is no exception. He shows the camera what


Amazing Animated Optical Illusions Are Trippy

Optical illusion master Bruss Pup can bring almost any two dimensional picture to life. As he has so many times in


Amazing Light Bending Experiment Renders Object Invisible

This simple, yet mind-blowing science experiment demonstrated by Brusspup can actually render an object invisible. Well, sort of. By lining four lenses up, light


Crazy Circle Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

The balls bouncing around in this red circle appears to be moving as one single unit. A circle of white


Amazing Magnetic Levitation Device Will Blow Your Mind

Illusionist Brusspup had the opportunity to work with a CLM 2 magnetic levitation module provided by Crealev while visiting The Netherlands. The device


How To Make A Mind Blowing Rolling Illusion Toy

The Web's most famous illusionist, Brusspup, demonstrates how to make his latest illusion--based on the Sin that was designed by Peer


T-Rex Illusion Is Always Staring Into To Your Soul

This new optical illusion by popular YouTuber Brusspup is creepy to say the least.  No matter how you look at this


Amazing Animated Optical Illusions Part 6

Popular online illusionist Bruss Pup has finally returned with a new episode in his viral Animated Optical Illusions series.  As usual, he


How To Make A Secret Cloaked Monitor Screen That Only You Can See

Tired of your coworkers or roommates looking over your shoulder at your computer screen? Prominent online illusionist Brusspup has stepped forward


Clear Water Instantly Turns Black In Incredible Chemical Reaction

Brusspup, one of YouTube's top scientists, has returned to debut an Incredible Chemical Reaction that seems to border on magic.  After dissolving