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Killer Beehive Prank

Just the mention of bees can make some people nervous. Knowing this, pranksters Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady donned on beekeeper costumes and


Giant Spider Spooks Meteorologist

A giant spider appearing on the monitor made meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Canadian news channel  literally jump. And who could blame her?


True Facts About The Dung Beetle

Quirky vlogger Ze Frank continues his most popular True Facts series. This time, he covers the very obscure Dung Beetle. Somebody load


True Facts About The Praying Mantis

Popular online personality Ze Frank continues his outrageous, yet oh-so entertaining True Facts series. Again, he delves into the 'true facts' about


Man Extracts 50,000 Bees From Home Wall

Larry Chen noticed a swarm of bees outside his window, an irregular occurrence. He contacted Mike The Bee Man (, and after


Sending A Spider To Another Dimension

While working on his computer, dynamiteringo noticed a spider on the screen. Not wanting to hurt his fellow Earth creature, he turned


Scooping Up Bees Barehanded

This video from 2009 only went viral this month, and is featured on Arbroath and MPViral. Two daring men had a


How To Use A Laser As A Microscope

Using the magic of science, powerm1985 shows us how to see single celled organisms in water with just a laser pointer. First,


Amazing Bug Circus Powers Smart Phone

As smart phones become more and more efficient, it takes less to power them. But the new Snap Dragon processor


German Doesn’t Understand Daddy Long Legs

Djflula is a German vlogger who has a gripe with American English. He understands other insect names, but is stuck on Daddy


Praying Mantis Thumb War

This video posted at the end of 2010 has just started surging in Poland. A Devil's Flower Mantis plays a


Newscast Falls Apart When Anchors Run Off Set Scared Of Tarantula Brought By Guest

Most people aren't big fans of spiders, but the weatherman for Indianapolis's Fox 59 is really terrified of them. A guest