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Brave Puppy Jumps Into Owner’s Hands

When you're a small puppy, even the shortest of distances can seem far. So when Peter Valko prompted his new French Bulldog puppy


Bulldog Can’t Reach Tennis Ball

Piotr Nowak posted this cute video in 2013, but it has only gone viral now. The clip features an adorable French


French Bulldog Puppy Discovers Spring Door Stopper

Everything is new and exciting for an inquisitive puppy. Carlos the curious French Bulldog puppy was simply enthralled when he discovered a


Two Dogs Fight Off Intruding Bear

When a bear trespassed on Cue Foils' farm, it didn't take long for his two bulldogs to jump into action


French Bulldog Puppy Adorably Fights Bedtime

All kids hate bedtime. Apparently, that rule applies to puppies as well. This adorable French Bulldog puppy named Frog Frenchie is exhausted,


Bulldog Puppy Kissing Baby Is Super Cute

What's cuter, a baby or a puppy? Well, thanks to this super adorable video, you don't have to choose. In


Puppy Adorably Rolls Down Hill

Kathryn Miller didn't even teach her precious Bulldog puppy Sophie to roll down a hill, the little pup taught herself. As can


Baby Boy And Bull Dog ‘French Kiss’ During Feeding Time

Brandon World Wide was feeding his baby boy Aiden when things 'got a little awkward.' The family bulldog was staring the baby


Fiesty Bulldog Puppy Tries To Walk

All of Suburban Bullies' new Bulldog puppies are simply adorable, but Tebow the feistiest of them all has gone viral. This two week


Mudd The Bulldog Plays On Trampoline

We humans love to play on a bouncy trampoline, so why not other animals? Mudd the bulldog is one pup


Porter The Grumbling English Bulldog Puppy

This video from last year only went viral now, and is featured on blogs like DailyOfTheDay, DailyPicks, and msnNOW. Porter,


Bentley The Fussy Growling Bulldog Puppy

Bentley, the fussy Bulldog puppy, is the latest pet to go viral. Just this week, the little pup has amassed