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Best Bus Stop Ever Commercial

Mobile company QUALCOMM just posted this commercial, and already it has garnered over 150,000 views. The commercial features the Best Bus Stop


Couple Builds TWO Story Home Out Of Still Driveable School Bus

We've seen tiny apartments before, but Richard and Rachel's school bus home is just out of this world! The couple


Skaters Accidentally Catch Giant Construction Boulder Falling On City Bus On Camera

It's not uncommon for skater boarders to record while they skate. How do you think all those amazing trick video,


Vietnamese Traffic Cop Holds Onto Front Of Rogue Speeding Bus

British news channel itnnews brings this report of a rogue bus driver in Vietnam. The driver was pulled over by a traffic


Crowded UGA Bus Sings ‘Tiny Dancer’ Together

There's nothing worse than packing onto an already crowded bus when you're finishing up your classes for the day. That


City Bus Driver Purposefully Smashes Into Biker

An English bus driver in Bristol has been jailed for 17 months after purposefully crashing into a pedestrian cyclist. CCTV


Bus Driver Crashes, Interrupts Live Press Conference

Rock Gaming authorities were in hot water because of a building accident at a new casino in Cincinnati, so they


Fat Guy Singing California Gurls On City Bus During Morning Commute

Ahh, the pleasure of taking a city bus. You don't have to drive, or park, and just forget about gas


Crazy Girl Gets In Fight With ‘Old Man’ Driver

Taking the bus in Brooklyn is never a dull moment. Some people, like this girl, blast their smart phone, and


Bus Drives Through Flooded Road

It seems every day there are new reports of wild fires or flooding. What's going on in our world? I'm


Pigeon Isn’t Scared Of Bus

A pigeon standing in the road is confronted by a huge city bus. But it doesn't move! Oh no, are


School Bus Drives Through River In Nicaragua

You know when your dad says he had to walk to school uphill both ways? This is kind of like