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Matisyahu Sings Along With Street Performer Covering His Song ‘One Day’

Imagine being a street performer covering a pop song only to realize that one of the few spectators watching you


Street Busker Rocks Out Acoustic Guitar In Chile

Some of the world's greatest musicians and performers are completely unknown. They have no name and no record label, but


Old Lady Inspires Passersby To Dance To Twist And Shout On The Streets Of Brighton

Remember the classic scene in Ferris Beauller when the entire city of Chicago danced to Twist And Shout by The Beatles?


Ballet Dancers Dance To Classical Music In NYC Subway

It's not uncommon to find professional musicians performing in the New York City subway stations as you travel the Big


Little Girl Adorably Dances To Grateful Dead Busker In Subway Station

Most New Yorkers don't even hear the buskers who play in the subway stations. After a while all the noise,


Foreign Busker Impresses The Locals In South Korea

South Korean YouTuber 염홍섭 posted this video of a foreign street performer impressing the locals with his music skills. The Caucasian guitarist


Polish Street Performer Plays Amazing Guitar

Polish busker Mariusz Goli has gone viral after this video published in February hit the blogosphere. Over the past few days,


YouTuber Surprises Busker

A month ago, British YouTube musician Rob Chapman stumbled upon an amazing slide guitarist on the streets of Brighton and took out


Original Singer Joins Street Performer

German YouTubers Onkel Bernis Welt were filming a busker on the street performing Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat when a moment


Busker Performs ‘Thunderstruck’ On Flaming Bagpipe

Jackiejet100 was in Fremantle, Australia when they bumped into the world's "only flame throwing, leather clad, heavily tattooed punk rock warrior." The