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The Difference Between $1 And $1000 Ice Cream

BuzzFeed strikes again with a funny, witty and relevant research topic. Now, what is the actual difference between cheap and


Buffet Comparison Video Taken To The Extreme

The funny guys from the Buzzfeed Video team do things properly. In this trending video they are testing the difference


$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo

Uh, something other than food this time! But I'll make my "little" recent list nevertheless: After cake, Korean BBQ, salmon,


$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

After Korean BBQ, salmon, hot dogs, steaks, pizza, burger and sushi BuzzFeed tackles cakes this time. And I don't even


The Try Guys Try The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016

BuzzFeed went viral with this beautytainment video about "The Try Guys", resulting in over two million views on YouTube. Pretty!


$24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ

After salmon, hot dogs, steaks, pizza, burger and sushi BuzzFeed tackles Korean BBQ with their latest installment of the "cheap


$8 Salmon Vs. $56 Salmon

After hot dogs, steaks, pizza, burger and sushi BuzzFeed now tastes salmon. And I am a little disappointed, that the


$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog

This list tends to become insanely long - but what the heck! After steak, pizza, burger and sushi the people


$11 Steak Vs. $306 Steak

After pizza, burger and sushi BuzzFeed did his next "from cheap to expensive"-food test. This time they didn't dare to


$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

You probably know the difference between sushi from the gas station and sushi from the restaurant. But how about really


Guy Tries To Only Sleep Five Hours A Day By Only Taking Short Naps

Most of us feel like we don't get enough sleep and try our hardest to get more sleep. But instead


The Story Of Elisa Lam Is Chilling

Have you ever heard of Elisa Lam? No one did until 2013 when her family reported her missing in Los Angeles. Then